Forms & Applications

Tebughna Henek is distributed approximately every 2 months and is intended to keep shareholders informed about corporate business, board actions, land issues, shareholder events, and community and cultural matters that may arise.

  • Aug 2014 Address change form ~ TNC should always have your current address, so that we can keep you posted on benefits, employment opportunities, dividends, meetings, and send you the newsletter. We cannot accept your change of address on the phone; we must have it in writing.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form – TNC offers shareholders the opportunity of direct deposit of your dividend to your bank account.
  • Stop Direct Deposit Form – If you would like to stop your TNC dividend direct deposit, please complete this form and submit to TNC Shareholder Relations.
  • Will form for Tyonek Shares ~ All shareholders should fill out, sign, and submit to TNC a corporate stock will that states who shall inherit your Class A or Class X stock. (Class B stock may not be left by inheritance, and automatically returns to TNC upon the death of the shareholder.
  • Principal Life insurance for Shareholders – Beneficiary Designation ~ TNC provides life insurance to all shareholders, payable to beneficiaries that you designate.

Class B Stock ~ in January 2004, TNC shareholders authorized stock for descendants of the original shareholders. If you are a descendant of an original Tyonek shareholder and have not applied for your Class B Stock you need to submit this form.

    • TNC Employment Application – On-line ~ All applications are now processed through our on-line job site.
    • Tyonek has developed the Shareholder Career Development Database for shareholders who are seeking a career or training/development opportunities. This database will store information about shareholders and provide you with job alerts via email if there are opportunities available at TNC that match your skills, education and experience. You can input your job ready information by clicking on this link. Shareholder Career Development Database
      • In an effort to increase communication between the Board and shareholders, the Board established the Shareholder Participation & Planning Committee (SPPC) to replace YAAMs. With the extension of Tyonek Class B Shares to new shareholders, TNC expanded its membership of shareholders in an educational/advisory committee to include those as young as 14 and add elders to the committee.The purpose of the Shareholder Participation & Planning Committee is to enhance the communication between shareholders and the Board of Directors by operating in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors.• Teach the next generation about TNC today so they are engaged and ready to lead TNC tomorrow;
        • Identify issues of immediate and long-term importance to shareholders and our next generation of TNC shareholders; and
        • Assist TNC in providing information of shareholders on the corporation’s mission, business operations, corporate policies and other matters.If you are interested in submitting an application to be randomly drawn at the next TNC Annual Meeting, please complete the attached form and submit to the TNC offices at 1689 C Street, Suite 219, Anchorage, AK 99501. SPPC Application
      • Community and Cultural Donations Application ~ The TNC Board has set aside a modest fund to provide support to community and cultural events and initiatives. Funds are administered by the Tebughna Foundation.