2017 Tyonek Annual Meeting Board Election Results

Tyonek Native Corporation Shareholders Elect New Board Members

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, May 22, 2017 – During their 43rd Annual Meeting, the shareholders of Tyonek Native Corporation (TNC) elected three directors to the company’s Board of Directors. Incumbent Jaison Standifer won reelection, and Cassandra Kroto and Billy Stephan were elected to the board. Board members serve three-year terms.

Board members selected the following officers for the upcoming year:

Chair – Robert Stephan, Sr.
Vice Chair – Cassandra Kroto
President – Michaelene Stephan
Vice President – Sharon Williford
Secretary – Angie Constantine
Treasurer – Billy Stephan
Assistant Sec/Treas. – Charlene Stephan
Director – Emil J. McCord
Director – Jaison Standifer

Total votes received:

Lisa Constantine 19,200.9601
Steven Holley 3,608.8830
Cassandra Kroto 20,042.2650
Rodney McCord 17,017.3953
Elizabeth Standifer 7,512.000
Jaison Standifer 21,887.2598
Billy Stephan 22,060.6238
Terry Stephan 2,523.5100
Leonard Trenton 4,008.0251
Write in 540.6250

The board would like to thank directors Bart Garber and Lisa Constantine for their service.

In addition to the election results, the following shareholders won registration prizes at the Annual Meeting:

$75 – Ernest Baker, Sr.
$75 – Marilyn Trenton
$200 – James Ollice II
$200 – Michael Nickanorka
$500 – Keyshawn Chickalusion
Early Bird $1000 – Adam Kroto
Grand Prize $1200 – Sarah Gottschalk