DLA Awards $12M and $7.1M Contracts to Tyonek Fabrication Corporation

MADISON, Ala., Sept. 13, 2017 – Tyonek Fabrication Corporation, a subsidiary of Tyonek Manufacturing Group, Inc. and Tyonek Native Corporation, will manufacture two variants of Pilot Display Units (PDUs) for the US Army’s UH-60 A & L Black Hawk fleet per two 5-year contracts from the Defense Logistics Agency. The units will be manufactured in Madison, Alabama.

“We are proud to support this effort to modernize the aging fleet of aircraft through technology refresh initiatives,” said Steve Adlich, President, Tyonek Manufacturing Group, Inc. “These new PDUs will create efficiency through increased performance, extend service life, and reduce long-term sustainment costs for these platforms.”

The PDU is a fully qualified line replaceable unit (LRU) for the US Army’s UH-60 A & L fleet. The new design incorporates LED compatible technology, is half the weight, and uses one-fifth the power of the legacy item.

“Through the U.S Army’s Continuous Technology Refresh (CTR) program, we have designed, developed and produced numerous products that address obsolescence and increase efficiency on the UH-60 family of aircraft,” said Doug Baker, Vice President of Business Development, Tyonek Manufacturing Group, Inc. “Our team stands ready to support this important cockpit modernization mission.”