Tyonek Subsidiary to Support A-Kit Design, Prototype and Integration on US Army UH-60M

by Jason Holmes  //  Madison, AL  //  TFab Manufacturing, LLC, (TFab) a subsidiary of Tyonek Manufacturing Group, Inc. (TMG) and Tyonek Native Corporation, has been awarded a $19 million contract to support the Limited Interim Missile Warning System (LIMWS). LIMWS is the U.S. Army’s competitive procurement activity to provide upgraded capability to the warfighter beyond the AN/AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System (CMWS).

BAE systems won the competition for the LIMWS development program utilizing T-Fab as a major sub-contractor. TFab will perform work scope that covers A-Kit design, A-Kit manufacture and installation for UH-60M aircraft. Awarded task(s) will consist of the detailed integrated design of the A-Kit (including Technical Data Package), fabrication and installation of a prototype A-Kit on a UH-60M, generation of a Modification Work Order (MWO), MWO validation through a second installation, and support to the USG for MWO verification.
“We are honored to support BAE in the development, production and validation of the LIMWS. This is an extremely important program being developed on an aggressive timeline under a Quick Reaction Capability (QRC),” said Steve Adlich, President, TMG. “This program will provide an extremely important upgrade to the current CMWS system and will provide a substantial leap forward in technology for Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) for the US Army.”

Manufacturing and Engineering will be performed at Tyonek’s facility in Madison, AL and prototype installation as well as validation and verification testing will be performed at the company’s modification and support facility in Kiln, MS.