Upcoming distribution is November 19, 2018 5pm

Hello Shareholders the record date for the upcoming distribution is November 19, 2018 5pm.

If you have a new born please complete the Class B application and submit with an original birth certificate and social security card. If you have filled out a direct deposit form in the past that is still good, you would only need to complete a new direct deposit form if your bank information has changed. If you have moved please update your address. The address TNC has on file is where your check is going to be mailed. If you did not receive your check it would not be cancelled or reissued until after December 17, 2018. The forms can be found on the TNC website under the shareholder tab at http://www.tyonek.com/shareholders/forms-applications/ . If you need assistance please give us a call at 907-272-0707.