2021 Annual Meeting update

The 2021 Annual Meeting is this Saturday, June 12, 2021. It will be held virtually and the login information will be posted on tyonekvote.com. You can login beginning at noon. The meeting will begin at 1:00 Anchorage time. The date was listed incorrectly in the recent shareholder newsletter. We look forward to seeing you virtually this Saturday! … [Read more...]

2020 Annual Meeting Results

The 2020 TNC Annual Meeting of Shareholders has concluded. The meeting presentation is available to view at tyonekvote.com. Election Results KC Chickalusion Tonya KaloaCassandra KrotoJaison StandiferBilly StephanWrite In 36,813.8672 15,549.4268 37,261.4561 18,820.7296 20,735.3100 562.5000   2020 TNC Board of Directors CHAIRMANVICE CHAIRPRESIDENTVICE PRESIDENT/TREASURERSECRETARYASSISTANT SEC/TREASURERDIRECTORDIRECTORDIRECTOR Sharon WillifordRodney McCordMichaelene StephanCassandra KrotoBilly StephanAngie ConstantineKC ChickalusionEmil J. McCordDonald Standifer, Sr.   2020 Annual Meeting Prize Winners (Checks will be mailed by TNC by Friday, August 28th) $75Michael Bismark-NickanorkaAlex DavisThomas AllowanJeffrey Trenton $100Olivia EllisKC Chickalusion $150Scott McCordNorman Sandstol $200Janel BrumfieldKatherine Van VelzorJames Hendrickson $250Kathleen McCord $500Jayde Bahr $750Meadow Okpik $1500Brenden Peters Early Bird ($1200)Tanaya Walker … [Read more...]

2019 Tyonek Native Corporation Annual Meeting Election Results

Tyonek Native Corporation shareholders voted to re-elect board members Sharon Williford and Emil McCord and elected new board member Rodney McCord. Board members selected the following officers for the upcoming year: Chair – Sharon Williford President – Michaelene Stephan Vice President – Cassandra Kroto Secretary – Rodney McCord Treasurer – Jaison Standifer Vice Chair – Billy Stephan Assistant Secretary/Treasurer – Angie Constantine Director – Emil McCord Director – Don Standifer Shareholders also voted in favor of amending the TNC Shareholder Trust. In addition to the election results, four youth shareholders were selected from 17 entries to attend the National Flight Academy Camp in Pensacola, Florida. They are: Nivea KinneeveaukJoseph Standifer, IIJames MishakoffDesirae Constantine Gwendolynn Chickalusion was name Shareholder of the Year and Reka Smoke was named Youth of the Year Also, congratulations to the following shareholders who won cash prizes at the … [Read more...]

2018 Tyonek Annual Meeting Board Election Results

2018 Tyonek Annual Meeting Board Election Results Tyonek Native Corporation Shareholders Elect New Board Members Board members selected the following officers for the upcoming year: Chair- Sharon Williford President- Cassandra Kroto Vice Chair - Billy Stephan VP/Asst Secretary/Treasurer- Angie Constantine Secretary/Treasurer - Jaison Standifer Director – Emil McCord Director – Don Standifer, Sr. Director – Michaelene Stephan Director – Robert Stephan. Sr.   In addition to the election results, the following shareholders won registration prizes at the Annual Meeting: Cash Prize Winners: Grand Prize: Caitlin Duenas                                     $1,200 Early Bird: Taylor Hurlburt                                    $1,000 Cash Prizes: Mary Chuitt                                          $500 Helen Baker                                           $200 Madison Hurlburt                                  $200 … [Read more...]

2017 Tyonek Annual Meeting Board Election Results

Tyonek Native Corporation Shareholders Elect New Board Members ANCHORAGE, Alaska, May 22, 2017 – During their 43rd Annual Meeting, the shareholders of Tyonek Native Corporation (TNC) elected three directors to the company’s Board of Directors. Incumbent Jaison Standifer won reelection, and Cassandra Kroto and Billy Stephan were elected to the board. Board members serve three-year terms. Board members selected the following officers for the upcoming year: Chair – Robert Stephan, Sr. Vice Chair – Cassandra Kroto President – Michaelene Stephan Vice President – Sharon Williford Secretary – Angie Constantine Treasurer – Billy Stephan Assistant Sec/Treas. – Charlene Stephan Director – Emil J. McCord Director – Jaison Standifer Total votes received: Lisa Constantine 19,200.9601 Steven Holley 3,608.8830 Cassandra Kroto 20,042.2650 Rodney McCord 17,017.3953 Elizabeth Standifer 7,512.000 Jaison Standifer 21,887.2598 Billy Stephan 22,060.6238 Terry Stephan … [Read more...]

2016 Annual Meeting Results Are In

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Tyonek Construction offices in Albuquerque, NM.

This summer the Tyonek Native Corporation Board members Sharon Williford, Emil McCord, Michaelene Stephan, Robert Stephan and Don Standifer visited the Albuquerque, NM offices of Tyonek Construction Group, Inc. and Tyonek Contractors, LLC. The staff has been busy with several contracts in the southwestern part of the United States. … [Read more...]

Tyonek Preservation

Dating back to the 1500s, we have proof that the Tebughna (Beach People) were alive and well in Tyonek.  The preservation of artifacts has been central to PacRim Coal activities in the area. Among the shareholders working on the archaeological site is Misty Buckles. This will be her third summer working with Stephen R. Braund & Associates (SRB&A) on the project. So far, she has logged over 1400 hours identifying, labeling, and cataloging artifacts.  Misty is following guidelines for curation set by the Museum of the North in Fairbanks, where the objects will be housed.   … [Read more...]

In the Spotlight

Having the capability to construct custom doors and windows on demand may seem like a small deal in some places, but when you operate in Alaska, it is a BIG deal! Considering many towns in Alaska are “off the grid,” you might just freeze waiting for a door to get shipped and delivered. Tyonek is pleased to introduce one of our newest companies, Alaska Glass and Door. Located just outside Anchorage, AG&D has been going strong and building a solid reputation for the last 18 years. … [Read more...]