Managed within the Tyonek Alaska Group (TAG), Tyonek lands are rich in renewable resources that are vital to the Athabascan subsistence lifestyle, including abundant wildlife, berries, and fish. A short distance from Tyonek’s selected lands, the Cook Inlet Region is rich in oil and gas, the world-famous Beluga coal fields, and bountiful timber resources.

Under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971, Tyonek Native Corporation is entitled to receive title to the surface estate of 193,515 acres. Its Regional Corporation, Cook Inlet Region Inc., will receive the sub-surface estate. Besides the 41,000 acres around Tyonek, the lands conveyed are located around the Tuxidni Bay and Iniskin Peninsula along the lower-west-side of Cook Inlet as well as land up in the Talkeetna Mountains.

The Corporation has selected nearly all of its acreage. All selections are reviewed by the State of Alaska, Bureau of Land Management. Once approved, the State grants Interim Conveyance, and after the land is surveyed, with confirmed in-holdings withheld, the State grants a patent, or final conveyance. To date, TNC has received interim conveyance or patent to 73,222 acres.