Tyonek Native Corporation’s most important asset and its shareholders most important resource is its lands. As stewards of over 200,000 acres of private land Tyonek Native Corporation (TNC) has an obligation to protect its lands and resources so it remains sustainable to TNC and its shareholders. Much of TNC land is situated in the western and lower Cook Inlet, on the upper portions of the Kenai Peninsula, and in the Talkeetna Mountains along the upper portions of the Susitna River. All TNC lands are Private and open to entry by Permit only.

All Permits may be subject to fees and restrictions, any such fees and restrictions will vary by activity. Much TNC lands are adjacent to other private landholdings. TNC only permits access on TNC owned properties.

Unauthorized use of TNC land is prohibited and trespassing is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. TNC disclaims any liability for unauthorized use of its lands.

All commercial, recreational, and general users of TNC lands are required to apply for a land access permit. You can apply by downloading and filling out the LAND USE PERMIT APPLICATION below.


Please complete the application and return it to:
TNC Lands Department
1689 C Street, Suite 219
Anchorage, AK 99501-5131
Email –
Fax – 907-272-7125