Welcome to Tyonek Native Corporation!

At Tyonek, we provide the best of care to our valued employees.  We believe in and hold high ethical standards and abide by the strictest of state and federal guidelines in our HR practices.  Each individual is treated with respect and dignity, has access to accurate information, and is always invited to ask for more!

Our Human Resources staff is committed to the needs of our employees from the initial on-boarding process to ensuring our existing employees receive the highest level of support services relating to human resources issues.

Whether you are a new employee, an existing employee, or someone who might be interested in working with us, we welcome your interest in Tyonek Native Corporation.

We invite you to be part of our Tyonek team.   Please feel free to review our job postings, contact us with questions, and know you will be well taken care of by Tyonek’s informed, friendly, and capable HR staff.

Ethics guidelines provided by our partner in compliance:

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