Our mission is to Innovate, Modernize, Educate, Deliver technology solutions and services to Government customers.

TC Technology Solutions (TCTS) is a proven partner providing a range of technology solutions and services for U.S. Government customers. Our team of program managers, solution engineers, procurement and distribution specialists, and on-site field services teams provide custom solutions tailored to our customer’s mission requirements and the needs of each project.


  • Training and Education Solutions
    • Instructional Systems Design (ISD) / Curriculum Design
    • Training Mission Simulator and Cyber Range & Virtual Cloud Engineering, Integration, Administration, and Maintenance
    • Communication and Information Technology Engineering, Integration, Administration, and Maintenance and Audio Visual (AV) and Multimedia
    • Systems Support
    • Cyber Training Range Environment (CTRE)
    • Courseware Development
    • Instruction and Training Administration
    • Virtual Training and Simulation
  • Fielding, Administration, and Cloud Migration
  • IT Infrastructure Modernization
  • As-a-Service Offerings
    • Devices-as-a-Service (DaaS)
    • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
    • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Network and Cloud Architecture and Engineering



Cybersecurity and information technology is embedded in every program we support. We believe that cybersecurity policies and IT infrastructure should enhance, rather than distract from, mission performance. Our approach complies with the most current NIST and DFARS standards for cybersecurity and Risk Management Framework (RMF) compliance, while tailoring the specifics of each implementation to the unique mission environment and performance requirements of the customer organizations we serve.

We help to design the right IT strategy to support our Government customers in maintaining service delivery excellence, ranging from data consolidation to network security, mobility, and interoperability testing. Our flexible, solution-agnostic approach enables us to architect technology solutions that will enable you to meet your objectives, while getting the most value out of your budget.

Our certified cybersecurity personnel are focused on their customer’s systems; mitigating security flaws, monitoring testing and troubleshooting to implement controls within their operational systems. In addition to cybersecurity architecture, design and operations, TCTS capability highlights include:

  • Risk Management Framework
  • System administration
  • Interoperability testing
  • Data management
  • Computer Network Defense
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud solution optimization
  • Architecture, Design, Deployment and Testing
  • Cyber assessments


TCTS has a proven track record of recruiting, hiring, and retaining highly skilled workforces for our U.S. Government customers in hard-to-fill positions around the country. From certified cybersecurity specialists to experienced cloud and network architects and engineers, TCTS has the specialized industry relationships to recruit and hire the right team to fill critical roles in Government technology positions.
Our team of experienced recruiters and our outstanding work culture fill positions fast, while maintaining high retention rates. We currently employ fully certified staff with the following certifications:

  • IAT I thru III
  • IAM I thru III
  • CSSP Analyst, Manager, and Auditor
  • CSSP Incident Responder
  • COMPTIA Network+ and Server+
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Solution Architect, Developer, and DevOps Engineer
  • Microsoft Azure and Security certifications
  • GCP Certifications
  • Google Cloud Certified Fellows


Our flexible, solution-agnostic approach enables us to architect technology solutions that will enable you to meet your objectives, while getting the most value out of your budget.



Effective program management is the backbone of every successful program. At TCTS, we focus not only on customer requirements and deliverables, but also on team dynamics and resource management. We have learned this dual focus is the key to success when managing programs in today’s global workplace. Our work requires significant collaboration between geographically dispersed and cross-functional teams as well as clear communication and expectation management between government customers at multiple sites across the country.

Our Project Management Professional (PMP)-certified PMs have successfully managed multimillion dollar programs from inception to implementation. TCTS capability highlights include:

  • CDRL management, development, and delivery
  • Integrated Master Schedules
  • Program milestones including Site Surveys, Program Management Reviews, Design Reviews, Compliance and Acceptance
Tests, System Implementation, Training Packages
  • Technical document development including System Requirements Document (SRD), System Design Document (SDD), read-aheads for Design Reviews, Test Plans, Installation Plans, Training Packages
  • Configuration and Change Management
  • “Exceptional” past performance ratings


TCTS currently provides the following training management and curriculum development support:

  • Curriculum and Courseware Development
  • Classroom Instruction and Training Scheduling Management
  • New Equipment Training / New User Training
  • Cybersecurity Certification Training
  • Advanced Virtual Learning and Simulations
  • Cloud Based and Endpoint Solutions

TCTS has extensive experience providing System Operations and Maintenance, Hardware and Software Installation, Enterprise Server Suite Operations and Maintenance, and System User Training.  This training is hosted in diverse settings, to include traditional classrooms, military operations centers, and field locations using internet based learning methods and approved curriculum custom developed and tailored for the end user.

TCTS training personnel serve as primary instructors and conduct demonstrations using new and existing equipment in the classrooms and in the field.  Training instructors apply and test the current Program of Instruction (POI) in each course and consistently evaluate the POI for required modifications due to changing technology.


The Best of Both Worlds:
Small Business Agility with the Global Reach of a Fortune 500 Industry Leader

TC Technology Solutions, LLC (TCTS) is a Joint Venture of Tyonek Technical Services and CDWG. Together, we provide a single source for design, development, deployment, and support for custom technology solutions for Government customers. From purely services and staffing projects, to complex solutions that include hardware, software, infrastructure management and support services, our team has the depth and breadth of capabilities to help our customers achieve their mission through enhanced technology.

As a Joint Venture was formed under an SBA Mentor-Protégé Agreement between Tyonek Technical Services, LLC (Tyonek) (protégé and managing JV partner) and CDW Government LLC (mentor and JV partner).

TCTS offers the following size status and socioeconomic classification advantages:

  • Small Business
  • SBA-certified 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)
  • Alaska Native Corporation (ANC)
  • Indian Small Business Economic Enterprise (ISBEE)

Tyonek Technical Services, LLC provides end-to-end software implementation and training support as well as customized IT services for U.S. Government customers. We work with software OEMs to design solutions that meet our customers objectives and mission needs. Tyonek provides curriculum design, development, courseware development, instruction, and training program management for the highest level of DoD cyber operations including OCO and DCO, cyber training, virtual range development and operations, threat analysis and detection, and mission center response support. Our ability to recruit and retain highly skilled, specialized, and experienced cyber warriors makes us a critical partner in the 5th Domain.

CDW•G is a leading multi-brand provider of IT solutions to Government customers in the U.S., the United Kingdom, and Canada, bringing together the services and technologies that solve their customers’ most challenging problems. A Fortune 500 company and member of the S&P 500 Index, CDW•G offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions to include skills and training; cloud security; data and application security; program strategy operations; secure infrastructure; and threat and vulnerability management. With 500+ Security Professionals designing and implementing 40,000+ security solutions and training 15,000+ cybersecurity professionals, CDW•G has a demonstrated record of delivering the training needed to manage threats and leverage the latest technologies to meet the evolving security landscape.

Summary of Certifications and Approved Systems

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

  • ISO 270001 Cybersecurity Certification
  • ISO 28000:2022 Security and Resilience
  • Cyber Workforce Certifications including ITIL, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+), and CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst (CySA+)
  • CONUS-wide recruiting and hiring for high-demand, low-density IT/Cyber-related skillsets
  • DCAA-approved Cost Accounting System for managing cost-type contracts
  • Facility Clearance up to TS/SCI
  • FAR-compliant Purchasing System
  • Successful audit track record for DCAA and DCMA
  • FAR-compliant Government Property Management System

Advantages of a Mentor Protégé Agreement Joint Venture

  • Alaska Native Corporations (ANC) – Automatically considered Disadvantaged
  • MPA JV size and Socioeconomic Status: The same as the protégé firm.
  • Tyonek (the protégé firm) – SBA 8(a) certified small, disadvantaged business
  • Reduced Cost – No stacking of cost
  • Competitive Awards – MPA JV eligible for any type of small business contract for which the protégé qualifies. [13 CFR 125.9(d)(1)
  • Direct Awards – MPA JV with an ANC JV is eligible for sole source with no upper limit in contract value [13 CFR § 124.506(b)]
  • DoD contract up to $100M: No sole source justification [2020 NDAA Section 823]
  • Non-DoD contract up to $22M: No sole source justification [FAR 6.302-5(c)(2)(i)]
  • No Limit on number of Awards – Unlimited number of awards within 2 years of date of first award (13 CFR 121.103(h))

Directed Award Sole Source Contracts to 8(a) JVs

  • Encouraged by FAR and DFARS [FAR 19.800(e); DFARS 219.803(2)]
  • No requirement for competition [FAR 6.302-5(b)(4)]
  • No requirement for synopsis [FAR 5.202(a)(4)]
  • Cannot be protested [13 CFR 124.517(a)]
  • No upper limit in contract value [13 CFR § 124.506(b)]
  • DoD contract up to $100M: No sole source justification [2020 NDAA Section 823]
  • Non-DoD contract up to $22M: No sole source justification [FAR 6.302-5(c)(2)(i)]
  • Contract value counts toward agency’s SBA small business and 8(a) contracting goals
  • Low risk through FAR compliance and DCAA audit oversight
  • Streamlined, transparent, accountable process that supports immediate warfighter needs

Indian Incentive Program: 5% rebate to prime contractors who subcontract to ANC companies. DoD prime contractors are entitled to a 5 percent rebate on the total amount subcontracted to a Native American organization in accordance with DFARS Clause 252.226-7001. For more information, visit


We look forward to understanding the mission requirements of our Government customers and to provide tailored mission solutions with FAR, DFARS, and NIST compliant technology solutions and program management support.

Our support team will respond quickly to your contact request.