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We Are Tyonek

The shareholders of Tyonek are a strong and thriving community of nearly 800 people. Only 130 live in the Village of Tyonek, but most live within 100 miles of Tyonek, located about 40 air miles … [Read More...]

Our Community

Upcoming dividend is November 19, 2018 5pm

Hello Shareholders the record date for the upcoming dividend is November 19, 2018 5pm. If you have a new born please complete the Class B application and submit with an original birth certificate … [Read More...]

In the News

Tyonek Subsidiary Awarded $21M Contract Supporting Fleet Readiness Center Southeast

MADISON, Ala., Sept. 10, 2018 – Tyonek Global Services, LLC (TGS), a subsidiary of Tyonek Services Group, Inc (TSG), and Tyonek Native Corporation, continues its legacy of aviation maintenance support … [Read More...]

New Opportunities

The Salmon Project

The salmon project helped TTCD highlight the Robert's Creek culvert replacement, our biggest project replacement yet. Congratulations to TTCDs Executive Director, Christy Cincotta and all the … [Read More...]


2018 Tyonek Annual Meeting Board Election Results

2018 Tyonek Annual Meeting Board Election Results Tyonek Native Corporation Shareholders Elect New Board Members Board members selected the following officers for the upcoming year: Chair- … [Read More...]